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Sharing the Gospel With Athletes on Public School Campuses

Posted October 18, 2019 Missions Team

Every week over 2000 students get to hear the Gospel through our 90 on-campus Fellowship of Christian Athlete (FCA) clubs.

Here are just a couple examples of what God is doing through FCA in the Fresno area this 2019 school year so far.

20 Students received Jesus on Sept 18th at Reyburn Intermediate's lunchtime FCA! A Youth Pastor was there and available to talk to them about the next steps.

University of Arizona graduate and professional volleyball player McKenzie Jacobson talks about her faith in Jesus at her alma mater Nelson Elementary School. Nelson Elementary is one of 19 CSUD elementary schools that have an FCA club on campus!

Every May over 1600 high school football players attend our FCA Hume Lake Team Sports Camp. Here is a snapshot of what happened in 2019.


Lorne Bell is part of The Well local Extended Family and serves as the Fresno Country Representative of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Learn more about how FCA is impacting is working with youth to spread the Gospel here.