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March 9, 2012
Jon Lorente
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Stories of Mission – Thailand 2011/2012

View some pictures from the Thailand Exposure Trip here. Check out the Facebook page here.

As people from The Well were sent on the Winter Thailand Exposure Trip this past year, Stories of Mission were created along the way. While serving in the Hill Tribes region of Northern Thailand, the lives of both the Karen people, ITDP’s staff and our team members were interwoven as we lived and worked together to further the Gospel. Because of what God is doing in Thailand, the lives of many will be forever changed!

During our time together on March 23rd we will be sharing our Stories of Mission and how you can be a part of sharing the Gospel with the Hill Tribes people. This can be done by drinking coffee, sponsoring a child on a monthly basis, donating a coffee tree or maybe even going on The Well’s next Exposure Trip personally.

Come eat dessert and hear about how you can engage missionally… Come and hear about the Stories of Mission from Thailand and beyond and consider how your story might be written in the years ahead! See you there!

When: Friday March 23, 2012 @ 7:00pm

Where: The Well - North Campus

What: Stories of Mission and Dessert!

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