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Team Costa Rica Arrives

Posted July 11, 2017 Megan - Costa Rica Team

Hello guys! This is Megan from Costa Rica. So, this is my third day here and I can tell you I have been filled with many different emotions. First off, my host family is amazing. The language barrier is definitely something that is hard for me. After arriving here it was a difficult adjustment for me to adapt to their culture.

Costa Rica is one beautiful place filled with so many wonderful people. I am on the ministry site of sports. The children we get to spend the day with are from three communities located around this town.

They are all filled with so much joy and love. All the kids have such a strong passion for soccer, so we have been playing multiple games throughout the days. I feel like God is really trying to open up my heart, which can be hard for me at times. I am so thankful for the experiences thus far and the opportunity to touch lives.

Thanks for your prayers!
- Megan

Costa Rica Team