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Teams working together in Ukraine!

July 3, 2019
Missions Team
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I’m overjoyed to be in Ukraine and meeting awesome people here!

The Ukraine team and our team click so well, and since we are all in the same age proximity we all get along great; we all are crazy and fun and enjoy each other’s company! I can’t even believe I’m here sometimes.

God just totally worked in my life to place me perfectly within this team, and I’m so grateful to feel that purpose and fulfillment of knowing I’m following what God wants for my life.

I can’t wait to finally get to the camp with the kids. I love working with kids and loving on the ones who need love the most, so this is a perfect opportunity to use my gifts in that way, as well as leading worship.

The past few days have been a blur as I feel like I've gotten to see all of Kiev. We walk everywhere and see all the different sites and monuments of culture and history, spend time with my team and the Ukrainian team, getting to know how each other work and learning more about Ukrainian life. Mornings are a special time when I can do devotions and spend time preparing my heart for the day so I can serve well.

Today we are heading out to Odessa. I don’t know much of what will happen, but I do know that our team and the Ukraine team will make it a good time for the kids, and worship and praise will be all to God and His glory as we serve Him by serving the kids.

I will definitely remember this for years to come.

- Dasha T.

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