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Thailand Exposure Trip - Boarding the Plane

December 31, 2019
Missions Team
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Today starts off with hot coffee and slow feet. It’s 4:30 am and I am more than excited for the adventure that awaits ahead. Bags packed, passport in place, and a smile on my face I am ready to hop into this car.

5:15am . . . Matt’s house. We await for the rest of our team in the dark and in the cold, but not a complaint in earshot. Instead, there is laughter and excitement all around. When the rest of the team arrived, we loaded up our bags and headed on our adventure.

Team bonding. What is team bonding?? It’s laughing and sharing our stories with no shame. How I fell off my bunk bed and broke my arm to the time I thought my car windows broke but really child lock was on.

We had a race with our team who can get through security check the fasted. We split our team into 2 lines. David lead us into the long line! So Scott and Matt won. Then we had a bet that David would be picked for a random security check. But instead, I was picked. What are the odds!

3 minutes before boarding. We are getting tired but our excitement isn’t fading away. Our faces are still filled with our huge smiles! We are ready to serve our Lord!


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