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Where Has He Called You Today?

Posted July 23, 2018 Guatemala Team Member

Hola from Magdalena, Guatemala!

The Guatemala team is doing so well, all praise to God! I have loved watching my team constantly encourage one another. Through them I’m getting such a clear picture of what Proverbs 27:17 means. I am watching iron sharpen iron.

I personally have also felt so encouraged by the long-term missionaries here. They are living so unashamed of the gospel. They understand the power that is in the name of Jesus Christ.

Students International, by God’s grace, is transforming communities. When they arrived to Guatemala 15 years ago, 3% of the population would consider themselves evangelical Christians. That number is now 40-50%.

It is amazing to see the Lord drawing souls to Himself through these faithful servants of His.

As much as I’ve been encouraged, it did not take long for the enemy to distract and discourage me. On our first day at our sites I felt like such a burden. I was the only one they had to translate for, and my talents did not seem like they could be used at the site I was placed at. I quickly questioned God’s decision to place me here.

A little earlier that same day, I had Pastor Joe translate for me so I could give my site leader, a God-fearing native Guatemalan woman, a thermal cup she had requested months earlier on a prayer card our team received for each of the long-term missionaries.

I had not thought much of the cup. I actually was worried it would be weird to just hand her a cup and nothing more. And yet, when she saw it, and as Joe was translating, she started crying. I had no idea what was making her cry, but then she told Joe in Spanish that she had literally specifically prayed for a blue thermal cup that same morning. And here comes this American, who knows almost no Spanish and who feels useless, to be an answer to prayer by bringing that blue thermal cup.

God used her prayer to show me that God cares about the tiniest details of our lives. He is faithful. He will provide. He hears the prayers of His own.

God did not choose to use me the way I once had wished He would here. Regardless of that, God has used me for His glory! God has used me to show His faithfulness!

I believe we have a choice to make every day. We can choose to dwell on our failures and insecurities, we can identify ourselves by what we think we can do for God, or we can find our identity in Christ and rejoice in how God is using us where He has called us.

Where has He called you today?

Let’s make much of the name of Jesus today. Wherever we are, may we say, “Here I am Lord, send me” (Isaiah 6:8).

He deserves all glory, honor and praise.

- Allison A.