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Youth For Christ Impacting the Lives of Local Teens

June 18, 2019
Missions Team
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100 middle school kids converge on an auditorium at a Fresno middle school for weekly Campus Life lunchtime club, where they share pizza, play games, and hear about God's unwavering love for them. 20 students respond to the call to faith.

A 14-year old teenage mom and her toddler attend Parent Life camp at Hume Lake - the first time she has seen snow in her life. At camp she learns that Jesus loves her, regardless of her messy family situation. She tells her mentors that she wants to learn more about Jesus through Bible study.

A 16 year old high school sophomore confesses that he was planning to commit suicide before he came to Campus Life Club, but not anymore since he feels the love and acceptance of his peers, caring adult mentors, and Jesus Christ through club.

A 17 year old incarcerated youth, an avowed white supremacist, hugs an African American mentor at a Juvenile Justice Ministry weekend retreat, after hearing him share about his own journey to Jesus. The youth makes a decision to follow Christ.

These are just a few of many stories happening through Fresno/Madera Youth For Christ. Every teenager needs caring Christian adults in their lives. From our downtown Fresno City Life Center to our Campus Life Center in Clovis, and on dozens of campuses throughout the two counties, our team of 25 staff and 110 volunteers is powered by purpose, prayer and partnership.

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