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May 9 2012 Thoughts from the Study - 1 Cor 9:19-27 - All Things to All Men

Jerrod Rumley

What does it mean to surrender our rights and become "all things to all men"? Paul brings clarity to our rights and freedoms in how we interact with a lost world, and he pushes believers to remember the race we are in and why we run in it the first place. This life is not about us and we need to set… More


May 8 2012 Should Christians Isolate from or Imitate Culture?

Valentine Kovtun

The Well currently in a season of highlighting the idea of what does it mean to not serve on a day, but to serve God every day. We call this "Serve Dei." To learn more about Serve Dei visit the Serve Dei Website. As we become disciples of Jesus Christ, an important question arises in our journey… More


May 3 2012 Serving as a Lifestyle, Not an Event

PJ Lewis

My wife Sheri and I moved here the fall of last year, so this is my first experience with Serve Dei at the Well. As a Campus Pastor, I was able to see the Serve Dei packet a few days before they went out at services at North AM. Before I went and told someone they misspelled "Serve Day" on the cover… More


May 2 2012 Thoughts from the Study - 1 Cor 9:1-19 - Rights, Freedoms and Love

Brad Bell

Paul gives a personal example of how he sets aside his rights for the sake of greater influence to those around him. He demonstrates the importance of considering others as more important than ourselves and of setting our sights on the movement of the gospel and not our own personal comfort. More


Apr 25 2012 Thoughts from the Study - 1 Cor 8 - Letting Love Outweigh My Rights

PJ Lewis

Our relationship with God is based on love, and how we display this love to others matters. We know we have freedom in Christ, but our love for Him and others needs to trump this knowledge. Sometimes we need to lay down our rights to help others in their relationships with Christ. Whether we want to… More


Apr 25 2012 Intentional Blessing - Serve Dei

Greg Zuffelato

As our relationship with Jesus Christ develops we are shaped by being humbly submitted to Him and allowing the Bible to form our lives. Looking at the Anatomy of a Disciple we find the core, Humbly Submitted and Biblically Formed, shaping the areas of our will and compassions, which are the outer… More


Apr 24 2012 Discipleship

Jason Shields

Discipleship. That “thing” Christ told us all to do after He came back from the dead. Most Christians respond to Discipleship like Micah (the 3-year old boy my wife babysits) responds to cake. He likes cake, he knows cake is good, but he has no clue how cake comes to his plate or even what it is… More


Apr 23 2012 Serve Dei 2012

Andrew Feil

For the past several years, The Well has paused during the spring season to remind you of God’s call to love your community. As we continue to reorient mission from a “Day” of service to a lifestyle of service for “Dei” (which is Latin for God), we want to help you understand the full breadth of… More


Apr 19 2012 Practical Tips for Studying the Bible

Melissa Danisi

This month in life group we've been talking about the bible. I know, weird, right? A bible study talking about the bible. But we're talking about it in a different way. Why is the bible reliable? If it's reliable, why don't we rely on it? How do we rely on it? The bible should be so much more than… More


Apr 19 2012 Humble Pie

Sarah Welles

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of “humble pie.” I haven’t been asking for any, nor wanting seconds or thirds, yet I’ve been finding myself being forced to eat it! Whether it is through hard conversations, getting my feelings hurt, or someone calling me out, I’ve seen more of my flesh lately than I… More