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re:generation Mentor Resources

Welcome to re:generation Mentorship!

It’s an honor to be asked to mentor a re:generation participant. It means that the participant is willing to trust you with some of the deepest parts of their lives and that they see Christ already at work in your life. The most effective mentors are those who spend time praying for their participant, themselves and the re:generation ministry. They serve from the overflow of joy in their hearts, trusting God to bring healing to the participant’s life and leaning on group leaders and the participant’s recovery partners for support. We are thankful for your heart to serve God and love your friend by walking alongside them as they work through the steps within the re:generation curriculum.

First 2 Steps as a Mentor?

  1. Create an account to access all the resources you will need to walk alongside your mentee. Use this link to create an account on the Watermark Resource page. You will enter your email and follow the steps to have access to training videos, step guides, specific struggle sheets and additional recourses you will need to be of most help to your mentee. After you create your account, access all our mentor resources by going to and:
    • Sign into your account using your email and the password you created
    • Select Ministries at the Top of the Screen
    • Select re:generation
    • Select Leader Resources
    • Select re:gen Mentors
  2. To prepare for your role, please attend our Mentor Training Class on the first Monday of the month. Due to COVID, we have moved our mentor training online via zoom. Please use this link to access the Mentor Training zoom on September 7th at 7pm.
    • Refer to our re:generation Mentor Packet
    • Unable to attend our Mentor Training? Access our training videos after you create your resource account following the steps above

Questions? Please email us at