The Well Community Church

Men's Breakfast

Oct 10 This Is Not The Time

The Well

Pastor Paul Binion of Westside Church Of God joins us this morning for a challenge, some encouragement, and a reminder that The Lord we have given our lives to is for us, with us, and faithful. More

Sep 12 God Of The Wilderness

The Well

Pastor Brad Bell walks through Psalm 1 and shares about a God who provides just what we need, a God who shows up in the dessert places, and provides for us the refreshment only He can. More

Jul 11 First Century Living vs. Today

The Well

Pastor Brad Bell compares first century living to current day. We are challenged to invest our best into the opportunities God has given us, own where we fall short, lead by example, & create marked moments. More

May 9 Love Your Neighbor

The Well

Pastor Joe White from Neighborhood Church walks us through Ephesians 5:14 and what it looks like to love your neighbor while being intentional with chronos and kairos time. More

Feb 14 Dr. Fitzalbert Marius

The Well

Facing discrimination through his time serving our country in WW2, performing over 15,000 heart surgeries, having multiple published books, tailoring clothing…the list goes on. Our special guest, Dr. Fitzalbert Marius, does not boast in himself, but rather has committed his life to boasting in Jesus… More

Jan 10 Vision, Awareness, & Strategy

The Well

Using examples from Nehemiah, Pastor Brad Bell walks us through having a plan and executing it. Do you have a vision for the type of man God has called you to be? Do you have an awareness of where you are at? Have you created a strategy for spiritual health? More