The Well Community Church

Gospel Transformation Sermon Series

The gospel doesn’t just change your behavior. When you accept the forgiveness and salvation of Jesus Christ, He transforms you into a new creation, bringing Him glory as you become more and more like Him over time. And as He continues to transform you personally, He will use you to transform His church, the city and beyond.

Sermon Listing

Jan 15 Orphan Care / Galatians 3:29-4:7

Shea Sumlin

The idea of orphan care and adoption is at the very center of our Christian theology. Our very testimonies reflect the love and mercy of our heavenly Father who stepped into the world orphanage we…

Jan 22 Literacy / James 2:14-26

Brad Bell

The way you live your life authenticates your faith. How are you getting involved with what God is doing in our city? Becoming a literacy mentor to help kids learn to read by third grade can change…