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Matthew: The Early Life Sermon Series

In this first section of the Gospel of Matthew, we will study the lineage of Jesus, the promised Messiah from the Old Testament, and His birth that had been foretold through the prophets in the Scriptures. We will also look at what His life was like during the years leading up to His public ministry.

Series Introduction

Sermon Listing

Oct 28 Matthew Overview / Mark 2:14-17 / Matthew 4:23

Brad Bell

As we start our series in the book of Matthew, we’ll look at Matthew’s life and who he was. The calling of Matthew shapes the entire Gospel. As a tax collector, Matthew was shady and self-focused, yet…

Nov 4 The Genealogy of Jesus / Matthew 1:1-17

Mike Slayden

As we look at the genealogy of Jesus in the book of Matthew, it shows us more than just a bunch of names. Jesus’ claim that He could be the Messiah is verified as legal because it goes through Abraham…

Nov 11 The Virgin Birth / Matthew 1:18-25

Mike Slayden

In the years following the accounts in the book of Acts, early church leaders were intent on keeping the theology of Christ pure and accurate, so much so that they were willing to die for those…

Nov 18 Visitors From the East, Escape and Return / Matthew 2:1-23

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Nov 25 John the Baptist and Jesus' Baptism / Matthew 3:1-17

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Dec 2 The Temptation of Jesus / Matthew 4:1-11

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Dec 9 The Calling of the Disciples / Matthew 4:12-25

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