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Matthew: Sermon on the Mount Sermon Series

As word spread of Jesus’ teaching, His proclamation of the gospel, and His healing of people’s sickness and afflictions, crowds from all over the region started following Him (Matthew 4:23-25). It was then that Jesus gave what is arguably His most famous teaching, the Sermon on the Mount, where He touches on such subjects as murder, adultery, divorce, prayer and judging others. Going deeper than mere behavior modification, Jesus focuses on the heart, caring about the core of who people are, and He provides encouragement that we can trust the God who loves us and will take care of us.

Sermon Listing

Dec 16 2018 The Beatitudes / Matthew 5:1-12

Brad Bell

At the time Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount, there was much discord in Israel, with four primary religious groups that were trying to establish their authority: the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the…

Dec 30 2018 Salt, Light and Law / Matthew 5:13-26

Chris Schultz

Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law as if it doesn’t matter. He came to fulfill the law. If we are not living in obedience, it’s not a matter of modifying our behavior; it’s a matter of the heart…

Jan 6 The Sin Beneath the Symptoms / Matthew 5:27-37

Mike Slayden

In this message we will look at how Jesus reinterprets Mosaic Law and ups the ante for what the life of a true follower of God looks like. The law was never meant to be obeyed mindlessly to check a…

Jan 20 Living Under the Authority of the King / Matthew 5:38-48

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Jan 27 Giving, Prayer and Fasting / Matthew 6:1-18

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Feb 3 Money / Matthew 6:19-24

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Feb 10 Worrying and Trusting God / Matthew 6:25-34

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Feb 17 Judging Others and Prayer / Matthew 7:1-12

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Feb 24 Evidence of Salvation; Foundations / Matthew 7:13-29

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