The Well Community Church

Matthew: Made Ready Sermon Series

Having taught 7 parables about the nature of His Kingdom, Jesus now turns His attention to training His disciples. Over the next several chapters in Matthew, Jesus will hone his focus on preparing the 12 for their ministry after He is gone.

Sermon Listing

Nov 10 2019 Beheading of John the Baptist

Mike Slayden

Flashing back to the traumatic death of John the Baptist, Matthew records the events leading up to the imprisonment and ultimate beheading of the forerunner of Christ. John the Baptist stands firm in…

Nov 17 2019 Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

Brad Bell

Obscure fishermen, who didn’t have anything sufficient enough to do what Jesus was asking, took what little they had to Him, and He multiplied their littleness to be awesome. When we bring what little…

Nov 24 2019 Jesus Walks on Water / Matthew 14:22-33

Brad Bell

Jesus sends His disciples purposefully out into the water, and their insufficiency highlights His full sufficiency in Christ. God is sovereign over all storms, and we can trust Him in the storms. So…

Dec 1 2019 Real Worship

Mike Cirricione

As Jesus continues to make His disciples ready for the ministry that awaits them after Jesus leaves this world, He continues to meet opposition from the Pharisees who are looking to discredit and…

Dec 8 2019 A Pagan Woman's Desperation

Chris Schultz

A pagan woman's desperation drives her to Jesus and her willingness to believe in his power and trust in his provision. Jesus uses her example to is make ready his disciples to see a Gospel of grace…