The Well Community Church

Ruth Sermon Series

Throughout the Book of Ruth, we see one thing that is abundantly clear: the providence of God.

Sermon Listing

Oct 4 Sovereignty & Goodness // Ruth 1

Mike Slayden

Throughout the Book of Ruth, one thing that is abundantly clear is the providence of God. From the beginning, we see that an important element of God's providence is the balance between His…

Oct 11 The Ultimate Kinsman Redeemer // Ruth 2

Mike Slayden

A beautiful story of redemption, chapter two of Ruth exemplifies Jesus Christ himself, the Redeemer, and the provision He offers us. Just as Naomi and Ruth find a kinsman redeemer in Boaz, who uses…

Oct 18 Redemption on the Threshing Floor // Ruth 3

Brad Bell

Naomi instructs Ruth to visit Boaz on the threshing room floor. Through their exchange, we witness the relationship between Ruth and Boaz flourish despite the brokenness surrounding them. Their…

Oct 25 Shadows of Redemption // Ruth 4

Brad Bell

The book of Ruth is a gift of God's providence and love. Ruth's redemption by Boaz is a shadow of the full-color picture of Christ's redemption for us. We are not stuck in our sin because Jesus loves…