Weekly Sermons

A Faithless Saturday

April 20, 2014
Brad Bell
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Easter is always quite the pageant of color. Friends and families put on their Easter best and enjoy meals, Easter egg hunts, and church traditions. During this holiday weekend we consider the brutality of the cross on Good Friday and the hope of the empty tomb on Easter Sunday. But what about Saturday? What was happening in the hearts and minds of those who followed Jesus that fateful day? We explore the rawness of the Easter story and uncover the doubt and fear that colored that first Easter weekend. Fearful and hiding, the original disciples were lost in disbelief until they witnessed the empty tomb. Once they saw that He had indeed risen, their faith was galvanized and their doubts put to rest. From that first Easter Sunday the gospel has been entrusted to doubting men and women just like us. Yet the reality of the empty tomb still resonates in our day and we are moved, as they were, by a faith that is substantiated by a risen Savior.


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