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Love First Love

Love First Love: Stand Firm / Ephesians 6:10-20

May 25, 2014
Brad Bell
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As followers of Jesus Christ we must recognize that we are at war. Though no one wants to admit the reality, war is upon us, and this battle is not fought with assault rifles or drones, but with the spiritual forces of the heavenly places. Believers must put on the armor God has provided for them to accomplish the mission set before us by the Lord. Our directive is clear: we are to stand firm. We are to hold point, not be moved and stand our ground. As the enemy attacks, we are to support one another and aid one another in the daily battle that believers fight to live in obedience to God. Our calling is clear and He has equipped us with the necessary gear. Now we must do our part to do everything we can, through His power, to stand firm.


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