Weekly Sermons

June 2
Shea Sumlin
Luke 9:10-17

Theologically, meals are significant. The Bible begins and ends with a meal, starting with the tragic eating of fruit and ending with the redeeming marriage supper of the lamb. This summer, we are exploring people's various encounters with Jesus over food in a sacred meal known as Convivium.

Today, we look at one of Jesus's largest meals, the feeding of the 5,000. The crowd is invited to receive a meal, while the disciples are invited to distribute it. Are you the crowd following Jesus merely to meet needs? We don't need the blessings Jesus gives; we need Jesus the author of our salvation. As followers of Jesus, we have the privilege of giving the bread away. However, we must recognize that we are wholly inadequate for the work that he has called us to do.

The grace that saves is the same that sustains us.

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