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January 13, 2013
Brad Bell
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The Bible begins with the book of Genesis, an account of the creation of the world and the foundation of humanity and our relationship with God. Riddled with mystery and complexity, every page takes us deeper into the heart of mankind and the struggle of faith. And it’s only the beginning.


Moses, a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Approx. 1450-1410 B.C. during the 40 years that the nation of Israel wandered in the wilderness.


Israel’s Roots

These are the roots of planet earth, mankind, marriage and family, sin, salvation, nations and Israel as a promised nation in the midst of nations.

Additional Info

Moses was born into the priestly tribe of Levi and was born into slavery in Egypt and illegally kept alive by his parents. He was raised by Pharaoh’s daughter in the palace. After leading the people of Israel out of their captivity and slavery in Egypt, the people refused to take the land God had already promised for them. As a result, God did not allow that generation of adults to enter the promised land. They wandered in the wilderness as nomads for 40 years. It was during these 40 years that Moses wrote the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament. Genesis was written to give the new nation a sense of their roots and their history that led to their captivity in Egypt.

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