Weekly Sermons

The Church A Paradigm Shift

Prayer / Luke 11:1 / Matthew 6:5-13

September 27, 2015
Brad Bell
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The disciples only asked Jesus to help them understand one thing. They didn't ask how He did miracles or walked on water. They asked that He teach them to pray. They saw something in the life of Christ and how He prayed that they couldn't connect to. So He teaches them to pray. After the day of Pentecost when they're filled with the Spirit, you see them seek the Lord, and God moves powerfully. Based on a righted view of Jesus and the movement of the Holy Spirit, the way they pray shifts, and we see this incredible picture of what God does through prayer. He can still do powerful things through prayer today, if only we would slow down, learn to listen, seek Him and exercise constant interaction with Him.


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