The Church

A Paradigm Shift

Sep 13, 2015 – Nov 22, 2015

Throughout the Gospels, the disciples thought they understood the breadth and depth of who Jesus was, yet they never really did comprehend the fullness of Christ while He was alive. But a righted view of their hearts and an empowering of the Holy Spirit changed everything. As a church, we need to shift our paradigm to one of heart, not just head knowledge. In this series, we will go back to the basics of what it means to be a faith community that’s in passionate pursuit of Jesus. The church was never meant to be a place for spectators. We need to move beyond the low-level commitment of an intellectual faith and engage in full heart transformation, where we are willing to be obedient to Him, living out a dangerous, unpredictable faith, and following Him wherever He sends us and at whatever cost.

In This Sermon Series


As we go through the series The Church: A Paradigm Shift, here are some resources for further study:

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