Weekly Sermons

1 & 2 Peter

The Joy of Obedience / 2 Peter 1:5-11

April 24, 2016
Brad Bell
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Peter calls his audience to actively participate in their salvation and sanctification in response to what God has already done. He is speaking to believers who have forgotten God has set them free from their old life. They have forgotten the purification from their sins, and so they are shortsighted, living for the now, distracted by the world, and they don’t fully understand the gospel. They are believers who will get to the destination eventually, but what joy are they going to miss along the way? God has not called us to Himself that we would live an unfruitful and useless Christian life. He has called us to partner with Him in what He wants to do in us, and joy comes when we are obedient to align ourselves with Him.


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