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Women's Bible Study

Psalms of Praise

November 15, 2017
Yvonne Downs
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How wonderful to end our study in praise and worship! We’ve done so much work to get here. We’ve given thanks, lamented, repented, waited, and now we end our study in such an appropriate way: praise.

The word praise is used 278 times in 243 different verses. It is used 166 times in Psalms alone! One might say it is an important command. To praise God is to acknowledge who God is and in so doing giving glory to the one who is the object of praise. Praise and worship is our response to God and the posture of our heart as we journey through life. But how do we praise God every day? How do we praise God when life is great, mundane and also when life is falling apart? Is it really possible to give God praise in every circumstance?

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