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News from A Global Intern: Year 2

Posted August 28, 2019 Missions Team

Brenna M is a Global Intern who has been living in Peru for the last year. Here is an update on her summer break and entering in year 2. If you want to hear more about who she is and what she is doing, click here.

Wow! The past two months flew by and it is amazing that I have already started the second school year at ICS Lima, and my fifth year of teaching. According to studies 44% of teachers quit within 5 years of starting. Although I did make a drastic job change when I moved to Peru, I am still glad I chose to go into this crazy profession.

I was blessed that in mid-June I had the opportunity to go states side for a few weeks. During that time I visited my parents and sister in Phoenix, my grandma and dad's family in Portland, and my mom's family, and so many friends in Fresno. That time was so so sweet! While FaceTime and other technology is a blessing and allows me to stay connected, there is something special about getting to talk in person. I am so thankful and so blessed for all of you who took times out of your busy schedule to hang out and catch up It was also a time of rest. The end of the school year was exhausting both physically and emotionally, and so It was great to have time alone to rest and reflect on the past year. A lot happened and it was good to see God's faithfulness in both the difficult and good times.

When I came back to Peru I was lucky enough to have my sweet friend Melissa come with me and I got to be a tourist for a bit. We traveled to Cusco and had the opportunity to hike Machu Picchu! After an hour and half of stairs my jelly-like legs were thankful that the sun came out and we got to see spectacular views of the ruins below. It was incredible to see and I totally understand why it is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

The next day we got to hike Rainbow Mountain. We probably should have done a bit more research because when got to the place where our hike was starting it was snowing. Despite the freezing temperatures it was still incredible to see more of the beautiful creation that God has made.

  • That time in the United States was sweet and refreshing. Thank you again to all of you who blessed me while I was there.
  • God has faithfully provided the necessary staff members for the start of the school year.
  • I am really enjoying being back in Lima and the courses I am teaching this year (no middle school haha.)
  • I have finally been able to start formal Spanish lessons twice a week! I am super excited to grow and be able to make more friendships outside of the expatriate community.
  • I am teaching Bible 11 this year. While I am excited about this it is very different than teaching math. Pray that I would have wisdom and that the Holy Spirit would lead me as I teach.
  • Pray for our new students and staff as they adjust not only to a new school, but to a new country.
  • Pray for unity amongst our staff. That we would serve well together.

-Brenna in Peru

Interested in learning more about serving as a Global Intern? Click here or email our Missions Director, Kyle Guerrero