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Jan 17 2017 Perspectives 2017

Kyle Guerrero

Whether you go to another country or remain in the States, all followers of Christ are called to live on mission. Perspectives is designed to highlight the different areas of God’s purpose for everyone, locally and globally. You’ll hear from 15 different speakers on various aspects of His plan, and… More


Jan 10 2017 Glasses for Villagers in Thailand

Thailand Team Member

This year our team was fortunate enough to have a volunteer named Doug from Colorado who could help with basic eye exams for the villagers of MaOhJo and the surrounding villages. We saw about 100 children, all who had excellent vision except for one who needed glasses. He seemed pretty happy about… More


Jan 9 2017 Restless Nights in Thailand

Andrew Coray

Restless nights in Thailand result in the best days. All of your strength has to come from the Lord. Today (Saturday) was a fantastic day. It was Kids Day! Although hard work has produced some of the best conversations, there is nothing like tickling and chasing little kids around the Ma Oh Jo… More


Jan 5 2017 Updates and Reflections: Thailand Team

Thailand Team Members

A few of us began our day playing with the kids for VBS. We started with some singing to the Lord, and the kids do not hold back. Their teachers make sure they are not shy about singing praises to our God. That has been such an encouraging, beautiful thing to participate in. Then we kept the VBS… More


Jan 4 2017 Team Thailand Village Update

Peyton Bell

Let’s be honest. When I signed up for this trip, I knew I was going to have to get out of my comfort zone and do things I had never done before, because that’s just part of the job description. I thought I’d be trekking through the jungle, clearing my way through the foliage with a machete (the… More


Nov 30 2016 The Hope That Is in Me

Sarah Salazar

Another early morning, but strangely I'm very thankful to be awake at 4:20am. As I lay awake in the dark, the beautiful but haunting sound of the Muslim call to prayer begins a stirring in my soul. In the quiet of the morning my heart aches for the people of this city. I spend some time praying for… More


Nov 29 2016 "What you do to the least of these, you do to me" - Jesus

Ernie Partida

Today was an eye-opening experience. We visited a children's center run by a South Korean couple. There we played games with the Syrian kids. Trying to communicate with the kids was a little hard but we used hand signals to help us. The Syrian and Lebanese translators were a great help. We did a… More


Nov 26 2016 The Power of Asking Questions

Josh Hawley

Our day started by arriving at the Lebanese high school for 7:30am chapel. This is a private, evangelical school which has many followers of Christ in the student body, but also a good number of non-believers (including Muslims). The education level is so excellent that non-Christian families want… More


Nov 25 2016 Thanksgiving in Lebanon

Joseph Salazar

Our morning started as most Lebanese mornings start. We enjoyed breakfast, consisting of sliced tomatoes within an array of cheeses from fresh mozzarella to goat cheese or Parmesan cheese, alongside cured olives with apricot jam to spread over a toasted flatbread cut into the shapes of pizza slices… More


Nov 24 2016 Getting Acquainted With the Kids and Staff in Lebanon

Kimmy Montalvo

Today was a great introduction to YFC’s ministry. We started out at chapel and introduced ourselves to the children. We got to play games and talk to them about what they want to do when they get older. At one point, we got to interact with the 8th grade students and spend time with them as a small… More