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Jan 9 2018 Haiti Team Is Back!

Jordan & Ali Harris - Haiti Team Members

Gumby (the character that many will remember as green and ever so flexible) sits in the living room of the mission’s house where teams stay as they visit the ministries in Pignon, Haiti. He serves as our mascot for the week—a visual reminder of our need to flex and stretch outside of our comfort… More


Jan 6 2018 Journey up to Meet the Hill Tribe People

Thailand Team Member

We left Chiang Mai around 8:30 a.m. this morning, heading up into the unknown. Everyone was excited to get to the heart of the trip, the real reason we all made this journey half way around the world. In three heavily loaded pickup trucks, we made the trek up into the hills of Northern Thailand. It… More


Jan 2 2018 More Than A Calling

Debbie T.

If anybody would have told me that the Lord would be sending me to Thailand 5 years ago, I would have said, “Really?” Five years later and my fourth trip, the Lord continues to amaze me in so many ways, including calling me back. This year has been a very different year with the passing of my… More


Dec 31 2017 Thailand Team Arrives in Thailand!

Thailand Team Member

Hey, it’s Lili! We’ve officially landed in Guangzhou, China, and are all extremely tired. That was my first international flight (15 hours), so it was especially long, but even for more experienced members of the group it was tiresome. The airport isn’t as busy as I expected it to be, but the… More


Dec 28 2017 On Our Way to Pignon, Haiti

Ali & Jordan Harris

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. - Proverbs 3:6 It has been our great honor and privilege over the last five months to walk alongside Tami, Deborah, Corey, Meadow, Taylor, Patrick, Andrew, Jen, Joshua, Angela and Jeremy as we have prepared for the Winter… More


Jul 27 2017 Lessons Learned From Guatemala


Hello Church Family! Our trip here in Guatemala has been nothing short of fabulous, humbling and redemptive. My eyes and ears have been on overload since we began this journey here in Guatemala, and there is so much to process that it cannot all be explained in a simple blog. I am involved in the… More


Jul 23 2017 A "First" for One in Guatemala

Missions Team

Hello Well Family! This trip so far has been filled with many "firsts." For the first time I walked through streets where people were only speaking in a language that I scarcely knew. For the first time I sat in a metal shack filled with smoke and prayed that a baby would gain weight so that the… More


Jul 17 2017 A Day in the Life With Team India

Team India

Put yourself in our shoes for a moment. You woke at 2:00am, flew at 5:00am, landed at 8:30am, then after an hour-long bus ride, arrived at Bible Faith Mission English Medium School to 300 students in freshly pressed uniforms standing at attention in neat rows waiting for your personal introduction… More


Jul 13 2017 Team Ukraine Heads to a Village

JJ Ratzlaff

Yesterday, part of our team left our camp in the afternoon after we were presented with a very unique ministry opportunity. We were told about a village that was near the conflict between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian forces. This village was in need of water and food, and was essentially… More


Jul 13 2017 Experiences From Team Ukraine

Kylee - Team Ukraine

I have never felt more stretched spiritually, emotionally or physically than I have on this Exposure Trip. I would try to relax in my room at night and think about how exhausted I was. It would have been easier to stay home and be comfortable. Yet, God reminded me every day that even though it was a… More