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Jul 10 2017 Stories of Our People: Brian King

The Well Video Team

Jesus turns empty lives into extraordinary ones, reaching for the low and lifting them up, even transforming drug dealers into inner-city missionaries. And when we’re willing to commit to kingdom work and invest in people long-term, like Brian was, God will multiply His work through us like only He… More

Jul 3 2017 Stories of Our People: Gillian Wilhelm

The Well Video Team

Sometimes God answers prayers and heals our physical bodies of our ailments. And sometimes the physical healing doesn’t come. But to all who believe, God brings a spiritual healing that is much bigger than what we think we may need. Even when your life feels out of control, like Gillian experienced… More

Jun 26 2017 Stories of Our People: Manuel Contreras

The Well Video Team

When you say you believe in someone or something, how far are you willing to go to prove it? Would you die for that belief? Would you live your whole life for it? Sometimes there is a high price to pay for following Christ. And sometimes you make an impact you could never imagine, like Manuel did. More

Jun 20 2017 Stories of Our People: Eric Lewellen

The Well Video Team

Getting everything you’ve ever wanted doesn’t always turn out the way you think it will. When we seek to attain things the world offers, such as wealth, power or celebrity, we can miss out on the joy God has for us. Sometimes turning your life upside down, like Eric did, brings a fulfillment in… More

Mar 14 2017 Stories of Our People: Matt Dildine

The Well Video Team

One of our Life Group leaders, Matt Dildine, realized he wasn't answering God's call to be involved in our city. This was his response. More

Mar 14 2016 Serve Fresno 2016: Serving as a lifestyle

The Well Video Team

When we follow God's calling, our service to others shouldn't be just one day a year. These disciples describe what a lifestyle of serving looks like, and we see the great impact that obeying God through service can have. More

Dec 1 2015 Bob's Story Part 2

Pat Dill

See the dramatic transformative work God has done in Bob’s life and his once broken marriage. Watch Part 1 More

Jul 22 2015 Dave Akina - Exposure Trip

Mary Lackey

Dave had the opportunity to go on an Exposure Trip to Thailand, where he was able to be used as one of God's tools there. Hear his experience as it changed his perspective on missions. More

Jun 15 2015 Adolph's Story

Mary Lackey

Adolph tells his story of struggle, sin, and sanctification. More