The Well Community Church

Matthew: Life in Community Sermon Series

After honing His focus on the disciples, Jesus returns to His teaching on the road. Over the next several chapters in Matthew, the theme of Jesus's teaching is life within a community.

Sermon Listing

Feb 2 Family Business | Matthew 18

Mike Cirricione

Jesus discusses sin in a community context. In a family, our actions affect others, giving us the ability to either encourage or entrap one another. God wants us to deal with sin and pursue each other…

Feb 9 Church Care & Correction | Matthew 18:15-20

Brad Bell

In one of the most misunderstood passages in the Bible, Jesus discusses how we as the Body of Christ should pursue one another when we begin to drift away from what is right. Jesus walks us through a…

Feb 23 Biblical Divorce | Matthew 19:1-12

Brad Bell

When asked about grounds for divorce, Jesus refers back to the creation account. He shows us that understanding God's original design for marriage is key when discussing this topic.