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November 17, 2013
Shea Sumlin
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The world around us offers a multitude of options when it comes to who we should follow, what we should invest our lives in, and where we should look for our significance and salvation. However, the book of Hebrews aims to show its reader that Jesus is better than any other option the world can offer. Both in His person and in His work on the cross, Jesus offers what no other person or system of belief can, and that is peace with God and the forgiveness of sin. This book provides a passionate plea for the believer to persevere in their faith in Christ amidst potential struggles with doubt and disbelief.


Unknown. Unlike many of the New Testament books, the author does not give any evidence of his identity and external evidence is of little help.


A.D. 64-68.


The Church’s Foundation

The foundation of the church is rooted in Jesus’s superior life and sacrifice and in the Old Testament saints’ faith and perseverance.

Additional Info

The book of Hebrews contains important descriptions of Jesus’ present ministry that no other New Testament book covers, but it was not until the fourth century that the Western Church accepted its authority with uniformity. The Eastern Church accepted it early as they included it within the Pauline Corpus. The issue of its place in the canon was raised again during the Reformation, but the depth of theology and quality of this book supported its inclusion in the New Testament.

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