The Well Community Church

Weekly Sermons

Dec 30 2018 Salt, Light and Law / Matthew 5:13-26

Chris Schultz

Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law as if it doesn’t matter. He came to fulfill the law. If we are not living in obedience, it’s not a matter of modifying our behavior; it’s a matter of the heart. Out of the understanding of the fullness of Christ and the humility of what He has done for us, we… More

Dec 23 2018 The Gift of Incarnation / Luke 2:1-20 / Philippians 2:5-11

Brad Bell

The scandal of the Christmas story is that we have a holy God who incarnated for a fallen mankind. God, in His grace, in His love, did not leave us as orphans stranded in the depths of our sin. Rather, He chose to incarnate as a means of relational connection with us and to die in our place. The… More

Dec 16 2018 The Beatitudes / Matthew 5:1-12

Brad Bell

At the time Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount, there was much discord in Israel, with four primary religious groups that were trying to establish their authority: the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Essenes and the Zealots. While fully aware of the presence of the crowds surrounding them, it was in… More

Dec 9 2018 The Calling of the Disciples / Matthew 4:12-25

Josh Hawley

After His victorious confrontation with the devil in the Judean wilderness, Jesus heads north to Galilee, setting up His base of operations for ministry in the city of Capernaum. In doing this, Jesus fulfills prophecy and begins to preach His central message: "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at… More

Dec 2 2018 The Temptation of Jesus / Matthew 4:1-11

Josh Hawley

After His coronation by the Spirit and affirmation from the Father as the coming King, Jesus enters into a time of intense temptation from the devil in the barren Judean wilderness. The battle that follows will reveal that Jesus is truly the Son of God who defeats the tempter. It will also show… More

Nov 25 2018 John the Baptist and Jesus' Baptism / Matthew 3:1-17

Josh Hawley

In Matthew 3, God raises up John the Baptist to prepare the hearts of the people of Israel for the coming of their King and Messiah, Jesus Christ. John preaches that people need an authentic repentance and they express this through Baptism. Jesus then appears to be baptized and is affirmed by the… More

Nov 18 2018 Visitors From the East, Escape and Return / Matthew 2:1-23

Brad Bell

As we go through the second chapter in Matthew, we will look at the events of Jesus’ childhood and the world He was born into. It will cause you to rethink what you think you know of the nativity as we walk through the Magi’s visit to young Jesus, Herod’s decree of infanticide, the fleeing of Mary… More

Nov 11 2018 The Virgin Birth / Matthew 1:18-25

Mike Slayden

In the years following the accounts in the book of Acts, early church leaders were intent on keeping the theology of Christ pure and accurate, so much so that they were willing to die for those beliefs. Yet many people today are quick to dismiss parts of Scripture because some passages are strange… More

Nov 4 2018 The Genealogy of Jesus / Matthew 1:1-17

Mike Slayden

As we look at the genealogy of Jesus in the book of Matthew, it shows us more than just a bunch of names. Jesus’ claim that He could be the Messiah is verified as legal because it goes through Abraham and David. It’s scandalous because the lineage is full of sinners with broken and shady pasts. It’s… More

Oct 28 2018 Matthew Overview / Mark 2:14-17 / Matthew 4:23

Brad Bell

As we start our series in the book of Matthew, we’ll look at Matthew’s life and who he was. The calling of Matthew shapes the entire Gospel. As a tax collector, Matthew was shady and self-focused, yet Jesus called him anyway because Jesus didn’t come to save the healthy but the sick. Matthew’s life… More