Weekly Sermons

Therefore, Believe

The Raising of Lazarus / John 11:1-44

July 30, 2017
Dave Hawes
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The story of Lazarus shows us how the Bible captures raw human emotion by letting us look through the lens of two hurting and grieving sisters, who love Jesus and know Jesus loves them, but they’re angry, disappointed, frustrated and confused, wondering where Jesus was when their brother died and Jesus could have prevented it. In the middle of the story, you may wonder whether or not Jesus even cares or is really in control of the situation. But when we zoom out, we start to see the big picture. When you’re struggling somewhere in the middle of pain and doubt, Jesus already sees the end result. You may be looking at one confusing, frustrating portion of the 2,000-piece puzzle, but He’s already looking at the finished masterpiece.

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