The Well Community Church

Women's Bible Study

Apr 4 2018 The Way of Wisdom Part 2: Proverbs 16-21

Melissa Danisi

While traveling through Israel, following behind a Hebrew tour guide who had walked this road many times, we were anxious to see where he was taking us. The road was unfamiliar to us, but he knew it like the back of his hand. We walked with him, followed, and listened to his instruction. As we went… More

Mar 21 2018 The Way of Wisdom Part 1: Proverbs 10-15

Ashley Ploen

These first few weeks of studying Proverbs has really been about nine chapters of warning. The main warning has been regarding why we need wisdom and what we need to run away from in order to stay the course. We will now shift into the section of the book that comprises actual proverbs—the short… More

Mar 14 2018 The Personification of Wisdom: Proverbs 8-9

Melissa Danisi

Do you know someone who embodies wisdom? Who comes into your mind when you think of someone wise? What are they like? How about their personality, temperament, character, speech and behavior? When you think of the words “fool” and “folly,” who comes to mind? What type of person do you think of… More

Mar 7 2018 The Warning of Wisdom: Proverbs 5-7

Darlene Hanson

After our first week of study, we should be left with the overwhelming realization of our need for wisdom. This week, we will be left with our need for wisdom in times of temptation. We will explore the intense warnings a father gives to his son about being aware of adultery. He will sneak in some… More

Feb 28 2018 The Beginning of Wisdom: Proverbs 1-4

Melissa Danisi

“We are all being discipled by something.” This quote I heard years ago stuck with me and helped me see I was being influenced and taught by so many things around me, some of which I wasn’t even aware. To be discipled means to be a learner and follower of a master teacher, watching his or her ways… More

Feb 21 2018 Proverbs: Overview and Background

Melissa Danisi

Not everything is in the Bible, but everything you need is in the Bible. – Rick Taylor His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness. – 2 Peter 1:3a We are searching for answers in this life. We want to know the purpose of our lives, that our lives have meaning… More

Nov 15 2017 Psalms of Praise

Yvonne Downs

How wonderful to end our study in praise and worship! We’ve done so much work to get here. We’ve given thanks, lamented, repented, waited, and now we end our study in such an appropriate way: praise. The word praise is used 278 times in 243 different verses. It is used 166 times in Psalms alone… More

Nov 8 2017 Messianic Psalms

Darlene Hanson

The Messianic Psalms are where we find a direct reference to the Messiah and can find the fulfillment of the passage in the New Testament. They refer to the Messiah Christ and many aspects of His character. The plan of salvation is also revealed in the poetry of these psalms. Luke 24:44 states in… More

Oct 25 2017 Psalms of Ascent

Jessi Silva

The countdown at Times Square on December 31 just before midnight.Joining a funeral procession.Standing to sing the “National Anthem” at a stadium.Christmas caroling. These types of experiences cause people to feel united, whether it’s in celebration, hardship, or another specific purpose. The… More

Oct 18 2017 Acrostic Psalms

Ashley Ploen

“The heart cannot love what the mind does not know.” - Jen Wilkin I did not love my husband when I first knew him. It took spending time with him, getting to know him – his heart, mind, thoughts, motives and intentions. As I began to learn these things I found someone I did not know was there… More