The Well Community Church

Women's Bible Study

Oct 7 Week 5 - Exodus 5-6

Melissa Danisi

When life gets harder, not better, we can trust God is still working to redeem His people. We’ll see Pharaoh’s Declaration of defiance, the oppression and hardship of the people, how life gets bitter not better after obedience, and God’s reminder of redemption. More

Oct 3 Week 4 - Exodus 4:1-31

Melissa Danisi

Through Moses doubt, insecurity, fear, faithfulness and hidden disobedience God is still faithful to fulfill his covenant promises and redeem His people. This week we'll see Moses shrink back after failure and try to resist the call on his life to be the deliverer for the nation of Israel. More

Sep 26 Week 3 - Exodus 2:11-3:22

Melissa Danisi

This week we will look at how Moses steps out to enact justice and fulfill his calling, God steps in to move on behalf of His people, and God at the right time in the right way goes WITH Moses to lead and deliver. "I am the LORD your God, I will go with you." More

Sep 19 Week 2 - Exodus 1-2:10

Melissa Danisi

During a dark time in Israel's history when they could not make sense of life God was still moving and redeeming. Three main points: The oppression of a nation The unlikely plan of rescue The deliverance of a deliverer More

Sep 12 Week 1 - Exodus: Intro

Melissa Danisi

An introduction and overview to the book of Exodus. God’s faithfulness to fulfill His covenant promises to redeem His people. More

Jul 29 Women's Equipping LEAD - Breakout Sessions


Breakout Session: How we lead through our giftsGod has uniquely designed you and gifted you to lead in this generation for His purpose and His glory. Hear Ashley Ploen and Darlene Hanson describe spiritual gifts and offer examples of ways to steward your gifts as a leader.Listen to the other… More

Jul 28 Session 2: Why We Need Leaders

Pattie Krohn

We need leaders because we have a real enemy. An enemy, who wants to steal, kill and destroy the life God has promised. We need leaders because there are women all around us stuck in sin and suffering and need hope and healing. Hear Pattie Krohn share through the story of Esther the importance of… More

Jul 28 Session 1: What is Leadership?

Melissa Danisi

The world has defined leadership to mean being popular, building a platform, getting followers on Instagram, celebrity, fame, and fortune. Christian leadership turns that definition upside down. Biblical leadership is servant hearted, it’s humble, it’s others centered. It’s giving what you have with… More

Jul 28 Leadership is Believing God & Going First

Ashley Berry

Believing God is an essential part to leadership. Believing who is He is and what He says about you helps you move forward in your own healing as a disciple and lead others to finding fulfillment in Jesus. Hear Ashley Berry share her testimony as to how God awakened her through study of His word… More