The Well Community Church

Women's Bible Study

Oct 10 Week 5: Saying Yes to Stopping

Melissa Danisi

The Woman at the Well. When Christ's divine grace encounters our sin, suffering, and shame He will transform us into true worshippers. More

Sep 11 Week 1: Introduction "Saying Yes"

Pattie Krohn

Untangled: Through God's Word, He is saying Yes to us through Jesus-the Word made flesh! Through our study of the gospels, the love of God is intended to collide into our lives to draw us to where we belong, to who we are meant to become. More

Apr 3 Week 10: Exodus 35:1-40:38

Melissa Danisi

Wrap Up and Glory! The people of God remember, repent, and renew their commitment to the LORD. We end our study looking up and recalling why we serve, why we love, why we obey: God’s GLORY. More

Mar 27 Week 9: Exodus 32:1-34:35 The Golden Calf

Molly DeFrank

Moses comes down from the mountain to find the people of God forgetful and disobedient. In just a short time we see the people whom God has redeemed turn back to their old ways of idol worship and God’s response to call the people back to remembrance and repentance. More

Mar 20 Week 8: Exodus 28:1-29:46; 31:1-18 Those Who Minister and Build

Melissa Danisi

God not only cares about the construction of the tabernacle and its contents, but he cares about the priestly line mediating between Him and His people. We’ll see the people respond to God’s call to minister and build by bringing their materials and abilities to steward and shape the Kingdom of God. More

Mar 13 Week 7: Exodus 27:1-21; 30:11-38 The Tabernacle Part 2

Ashley Ploen

The Lord desires the people of Israel to know and experience His holiness and His glory through the construction of the tabernacle and contents of the outer court. They point us to the ultimate sacrifice and a better High Priest in Jesus Christ. More