The Well Community Church

Women's Bible Study

Nov 9 Week 9: 1 Peter 5

Melissa Danisi, Brad Bell, Danny Herwaldt, Dorina Gilmore-Young

As Peter winds down his letter to the church, he concludes with an exhortation to those charged with leading it. His message matters, not just for those in authority, but for those under it. we will work to hear Chapter 5 as those who lead and as those who are led. Because all Scripture is… More

Nov 2 Week 8: 1 Peter 4

Melissa Danisi, Rhonda Schafer, Dorina Gilmore-Young

We ended las week with the assurance that Jesus was seated at the right hand god, victorious over suffering and death. Having exhorted us to endure mistreatment with grace by remembering Christ's work, Peter now moves from endurance to action. how should the believer regard sin? What behaviors… More

Oct 26 Week 7: 1 Peter 3:13-22

Melissa Danisi, Heidi Powell, Dorina Gilmore -Young, Jess Visser

Last week, we examined Peter's words about submission within marriage. We discussed how the historical and cultural context shape our understanding of how the believer should show honor to a spouse, particularly an unbelieving one. Peter removes all double that submission is a topic for women only… More

Oct 19 Week 6: 1 Peter 3:1-12

Melissa Danisi, Pattie Krohn, Dorina Gilmore-Young

Last week, Peter opened his discussion of submission by addressing our responsibility to human institutions and masters. We noted that submission is willingly placing yourself under someone else's leadership. It is not subjugation, nor is it weakness. Biblical submission is about meekness, or… More

Oct 12 Week 5 : 1 Peter 2:13-25

Melissa Danisi, Pattie Krohn, Dorina Gilmore-Young

Last week, we learned the importance of craving the milk of the Word. Peter urged us to retrain our appetites, to see ourselves as part of a living temple, and to recognize the great privilege of our position as a chosen people. He stressed the importance of living exemplary lives among the lost for… More

Oct 5 Week 4: 1 Peter 2:1-12

Melissa Danisi, Ashley Ploen, Dorina Gilmore-Young

Last week, Peter contrasted the perishable nature of man and the imperishable seed of salvation. In response to the knowledge of our future hope, even in the midst of difficulty, we seek to hope fully in grace, be holy as God is holy, conduct ourselves with referent fear, and love earnestly. This… More