The Well Community Church

Women's Bible Study

Feb 13 Week 3 Exodus 20:1-11 The 10 Commandments Part 1

Melissa Danisi

This week we see the beginning of the covenant and commands for God’s people given to help them flourish in fellowship with Him. The 10 commandments help us see the law of love and the love in His law. More

Jan 30 Week 1 - Exodus: Part 2 Introduction

Melissa Danisi

Background information and a review of the first part of Exodus seeing how this story points us to the Greater Story: Redemption in Christ. More

Nov 7 2018 Week 9 - Exodus 15:22-16:35

Jessica Visser

God will tests the Israelites in the wilderness to reveal the attitude of their hearts, the allegiance of their hearts, and the affection of the hearts. More

Oct 30 2018 Week 8 - Exodus 12:43-15:21

Melissa Danisi

The Red Sea: When God gives His people more than they can handle he does it to display His power and glory. This week we'll learn how God leads with His presence, displays His power through deliverance, and stirs hearts to worship. More

Oct 24 2018 Week 7 - Exodus 11:1-12:42

Pattie Krohn

Passover: the Blood of the Lamb that was slain serves as a reminder of the LORD's mercy to passover the sins of Israel and display God's power and judgment on the nation of Israel. More

Oct 17 2018 Week 6 - Exodus 7-11

Pattie Krohn

The Plagues this week we’ll see how Pharaoh’s hardness of heart is used to rebuke false gods and display the Lord’s power. More

Oct 7 2018 Week 5 - Exodus 5-6

Melissa Danisi

When life gets harder, not better, we can trust God is still working to redeem His people. We’ll see Pharaoh’s Declaration of defiance, the oppression and hardship of the people, how life gets bitter not better after obedience, and God’s reminder of redemption. More

Oct 3 2018 Week 4 - Exodus 4:1-31

Melissa Danisi

Through Moses doubt, insecurity, fear, faithfulness and hidden disobedience God is still faithful to fulfill his covenant promises and redeem His people. This week we'll see Moses shrink back after failure and try to resist the call on his life to be the deliverer for the nation of Israel. More