The Well Community Church

Matthew: Rejected Sermon Series

After discussing life within a community, Jesus continues His teaching on the road. As he begins to face rejection in his ministry, his teaching begins to take on that theme as well.

Sermon Listing

Mar 1 The Rich Young Ruler | Matthew 19-20

Brad Bell

There is no special place of influence or honor in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus uses two parables to communicate the lavish grace and incredible love of God that blows away our paradigms and shows us…

Mar 8 Understanding the Kingdom | Matthew 20:17-28

Mike Slayden

After hearing Jesus talk about the last becoming first and the first becoming last, the disciples try to wrap their minds around what it means to live under a king's rule. However, what we have seen…

Apr 19 God's Heart for the Nations | Matthew 21:12-21

Brad Bell

The cleansing of the temple after the triumphal entry was more than an expression of anger over the religious elite’s greed. Jesus’s deliberate actions show God’s true heart for all nations while…

Apr 26 The Question of Authority | Matthew 21:23-32

Mike Slayden

Religious leaders question Jesus in an attempt to undermine His legitimacy and avoid His authority. Jesus introduces a parable that shows accepting His authority is more than a verbal affirmation but…

May 17 Life After Death Affirmed | Matthew 22:23-33

Mike Slayden

After the Pharisees and Herodian's questioning fails to disprove Jesus, the Sadducees attempt to disprove Him with a hypothetical scenario. Jesus's response confirms that there is life after death and…

May 31 Eight Woes // Matthew 23

Brad Bell

Jesus calls out the religious elite with eight woes that expose their hypocrisy. Their religious experience led people astray because it exalted them instead of the Lord.