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Song of Solomon Sermon Series

God uses Song of Solomon, an eight-chapter book of poetry tucked in the middle of the Bible, as a guideline to handle the most important relationship we will ever have: of a husband and a wife.

Song of Solomon is wisdom literature found in poetry form. Whether a single love poem or a collection of poems, God captures the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this exclusive relationship between husband and wife.

This book will resurrect in us a godly view of marital love, romance, intimacy and sexuality. God reveals what a relationship ought to be like through a couple living in a way which honors and brings glory to Him – from the beginning of attraction – through engagement, proposal, wedding, and honeymoon night – to deepening.

Song of Solomon is an incredible gem, often overlooked, misunderstood and misrepresented.

On this page, you will find seven sermon videos in the Song of Solomon series, as well as an Introduction Video to this book, in which Brad helps define this lyrical idol, its illusory language, and how in the world Solomon could have written something so beautiful.

You can also find additional resources and sermons on the 2017 Song of Solomon sermon series page.

Series Introduction

Sermon Listing

Feb 13 2010 Song of Solomon / Introduction

Brad Bell

God uses Song of Solomon, an eight-chapter book of poetry tucked in the middle of the Bible, as a guideline to handle the most important relationship we will ever have – and that is of a husband and a…

Feb 14 2010 Song of Solomon / Attraction

Brad Bell

The Song of Solomon is one of the most raw and passionate books in the entire Bible. The story gives us some snapshots into a love story as it progresses from attraction to marriage. This sermon on…

Feb 21 2010 Song of Solomon / Dating & Courtship

Brad Bell

Join us as we dive into Song of Solomon 1:8-3:5 this week. This passage provides some great insights into the couple's dating and courtship relationship. Resources Preparing for Marriage by Dennis…

Feb 28 2010 Song of Solomon / Marriage

Brad Bell

Join us as we look at Song of Solomon 3:6-11 and Ephesians 5:22-33, where we see the roles God intended for us in marriage, godly servant leadership and godly respectful submission. Resources Love and…

Mar 7 2010 Song of Solomon / Intimacy

Brad Bell

Have you ever wondered why the church doesn't speak more often to the subject of marital intimacy? Join us as we get an inside look at the wedding night of this couple in Song of Solomon 4:1-5:1. God…

Mar 14 2010 Song of Solomon / Sexuality

Brad Bell

This message deals with the profound connection between our theology and our sexuality. Primarily looking at Genesis 3:1-13 and Romans 1:16-27, we'll take a look at how sin, particularly idolatry, has…

Mar 21 2010 Song of Solomon / Conflict

Brad Bell

Conflict in a marriage is healthy, necessary and wonderful, when handled with health. The issue truly revolves around learning how to fight clean. Looking at Song of Solomon 5:2-6:13, we will talk…

Mar 28 2010 Song of Solomon / Deepening

Brad Bell

Marriage can actually grow better over time, but it doesn't get better accidentally. As we see in Song of Solomon 7:1-8:14, it takes intentionality in communication and time to grow together in a…

Mar 28 2010 Note on Divorce

Brad Bell

A note to those who have gone through a divorce. An appendix to the Song of Solomon series.