The Well Community Church

Faces of re:gen

Oct 2 2017 Mallory Mueller

Mallory Mueller

My husband and I were married for less than a year when I found out he had been struggling with a sexual addiction. The perfect marriage I had created in my head was shattered, and I didn’t see how we would make it through. My life was turned upside down, and I was consumed with fear of what others… More

Sep 12 2017 Andrew Feil

Andrew Feil

I am recovering from fear of rejection, pride, perfectionism, and acting out through sexual fantasy and pornography. Well that ramped up quickly, didn’t it? How in the world did I get here? Honestly, I believed I could do life on my own. I tried and I couldn’t, so I tried to cover it up. And for… More

May 1 2017 Shanah Wisley

Shanah Wisley

I come from a long line of addiction, paired with a side of enabling codependency. My parents fought a lot. They would throw things, give silent treatments and storm out. My dad drank, smoked and stayed out all night with other women on and off for most of my childhood. Our home was very unstable… More

Mar 13 2017 Alex Acree

Alex Acree

I was drowning (almost literally) in a secret addiction to alcohol. Along with that indulgence came gluttony, pornography and tobacco use, all while spending hard-earned money and lying about everything. I was raised in a Christian home and couldn’t ask for better parents, “But each person is… More

Aug 25 2015 Dave Obwald

Dave Obwald

I can’t write a piece on confession without first being confessional. I have a new life in Christ. He is restoring/recovering me from fear of rejection, people pleasing, and numbing out pain and fear regarding pornography. Oh–and that’s not before I placed my faith in Jesus, or started working in… More