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Mar 22 Wear The Well

Posted by The Well Communications Team

Get the latest Well swag for only $10 per shirt. Pre-sales go through April 17. Shirts are expected to be available for pick-up in early May. We will email you when they arrive. Pick up your shirt at the North Campus Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm. (T-shirts are not available for pick-up before… More


Mar 21 Well Life Episode 5

Posted by The Well Video Team

In this episode of Well Life, find out what's happening in our college intern houses (yes, we have those), and how these students are using what they've been given to reach our city. More


Mar 13 The True Freedom of Christ

Posted by Alex Acree

I was drowning (almost literally) in a secret addiction to alcohol. Along with that indulgence came gluttony, pornography and tobacco use, all while spending hard-earned money and lying about everything. I was raised in a Christian home and couldn’t ask for better parents, “But each person is… More


Mar 6 The Spiritual Wilderness

Posted by Brad Bell

What do you do when you don’t feel like God is there? To be honest with you, there are times where I don’t feel super fired up, spiritually. I love Jesus, I’ve embraced the gospel, but I’m just having a hard time. I think it’s easy for many people to compartmentalize. If you’re having a bad day… More


Feb 27 Prioritizing the Church

Posted by Jesse Penner

I grew up as a pastor’s kid. My father moved from British Columbia, Canada to Fresno to start his third church. He had a passion for starting churches. For our family, this passion meant Sunday was a day consumed with church. Rain or shine, we were there. All day Sunday we were at the church. Most… More


Feb 21 Immigration Through the Lens of Exodus

Posted by Andrew Feil

Immigration has been making national and international news headlines. As The Well takes a journey through the book of Exodus, there is no better time to examine what this narrative can teach us about our present situation. The church, and each individual member of the body of Christ, is called… More


Feb 14 Well Life Episode 4

Posted by The Well Video Team

In this episode of Well Life, we see the Southeast Campus move to their new location, an update on the Chestnut property and hear from PJ Lewis about a big change for him in the near future. More


Feb 13 If Life Were a Road Trip: Lessons From a Season of Trial

Posted by Allie Penner

If life were a road trip, it would be windy and at times treacherous. Cancer, surgeries, recovery, radiation, seizures, scans, toddler tantrums, death, mourning and heartache have all been stops along the way. January was the three-year mark from which my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of… More


Feb 9 Cardboard Throwdown

Posted by Kids Ministry

Think you’ve got what it takes to craft a top-of-the-line supercar? One that will stun and amaze not only your friends, but their dads as well? Then you won’t want to miss The Well’s first ever Cardboard Throwdown! Show off your cardboard-crafting skills while taking in the movie Cars and hanging… More