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Oct 12 2017 Know Thy Neighbor

Posted by The Community Life Team

Our mission statement is: Helping people connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood. God wants to use your life to bring others to a fuller understanding of Him. You cross paths with people every day where you live, work and play, and God has uniquely created you and placed you to be… More


Oct 9 2017 How a Guy Gets Ready for a Date

Posted by Brad Bell

How many ladies out there had a guy in your life at some point who wrote you a note or gave you a card and you kept it? Probably most of you. Now the same question to the guys. There may be a few who kept something. No shame. But it’s probably very few. Men and women just deal with relationships… More


Oct 2 2017 From Condemnation to Forgiveness

Posted by Mallory Mueller

My husband and I were married for less than a year when I found out he had been struggling with a sexual addiction. The perfect marriage I had created in my head was shattered, and I didn’t see how we would make it through. My life was turned upside down, and I was consumed with fear of what others… More


Oct 1 2017 Attraction: Blind Date

Posted by The Well Video Team

A couple meets for the first time on a blind date. What will they think of each other? You'll have to watch to find out. More


Sep 22 2017 Kids Quest Leader Training Day

Posted by Kids Ministry

Have you ever wondered what kind of people are crazy enough to serve with kids? Have you considered serving in the ministry but would like to know what you’d be getting into before making the leap? Join us for our annual Kids Quest leader training and get a firsthand look at how you can not only… More


Sep 21 2017 Camp Waittogo 2017 Montage

Posted by The Well Video Team

We had such a rich time of laughter, fun and fellowship at Camp Waittogo as we unplugged from our everyday lives and worshiped God together in His creation up at Hume Lake. We can't wait to go back! More


Sep 12 2017 Behind the Mask

Posted by Andrew Feil

I am recovering from fear of rejection, pride, perfectionism, and acting out through sexual fantasy and pornography. Well that ramped up quickly, didn’t it? How in the world did I get here? Honestly, I believed I could do life on my own. I tried and I couldn’t, so I tried to cover it up. And for… More